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by Jules Verne

The home of free ebook downloads in kindle (prc) format for out-of-copyright classic books.  Ideal for kindle, Sony reader, i-pad, blackberry, i-phone, android and other mobile devices or smart phones.  Prc ebooks can also be read on PCs and a range of mobile devices such as ipads, blackberrys etc. using moby pocket reader (free download click here).

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Free prc downloads of books by Jules Verne

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20000 Lieues sous les mers Parts 1 and 2

Autour de la Lune

Aventures du Capitaine Hatteras

Cinq Semaines En Ballon

Face au drapeau

Keraban Le Tetu

La Jangada

La maison à vapeur

L'archipel en feu

Le château des Carpathes

Le Docteur Ox

Le pays des fourrures

Le pilote du Danube

Le Tetu

Le village aérien

Les Cinq Cents Millions de la Begum

Les enfants du capitaine Grant

Les Indes Noires

Les tribulations d'un chinois en Chine

L'île à hélice

L'île mystérieuse

Michel Strogoff - Pièce à grand spectacle en 5 actes et 16 tableaux

Michel Strogoff - French

Nord contre sud


Sans dessus dessous

Tour du Monde en 80 Jours

Un billet de loterie

Une ville flottante

Voyage au Centre de la Terre



A Journey to the Centre of the Earth

A Journey to the Interior of the Earth

A Voyage in a Balloon _1852_

A Winter Amid the Ice


All Around the Moon

An Antarctic Mystery

Dick Sand

Eight Hundred Leagues on the Amazon

Facing the Flag

Five Weeks in a Balloon

Godfrey Morgan

Michael Strogoff

Mistress Branican

Off on a Comet

Round the World in Eighty Days

Rubur the Conqueror

Search of the Castaways

The Adventures of a Special Correspondent

The English at the North Pole

The Master of the World

The Moon-Voyage

The Mysterious Island

The Pearl of Lima

The Secret of the Island

The Survivors of the Chancellor

The Underground City

The Voyages and Adventures of Captain

The Waif of the Cynthia

Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea


We offer Jules Verne's French and English books here for free download in prc format - just what's needed for students searching for quotes. Biographies along with study notes and the printed novels are available from Amazon. Some DVDs of the novels are listed below.